Committee and Office Bearers

John Gordon
Club Captain John Gordon
Office Bearers and Committee 2016-2017

President: George Manson

Vice Presidents: G M Fraser, N K Wilson, A Horn, D D Purdie, B M Bennie, R G Milne, G A Robertson,
G Stronach, C Thomson, J Paterson

Captain: John Gordon
Vice-Captain: Doug Shand
Secretary Douglas Purdie
Treasurer: Audry Fraser

General Committee
Colin Chalmers
Donald Fraser
David Hepburn
Alison Kenyon
Mike Singer
Vince Matthew
Bill Robertson
Graham Twatt
Ladies’ Captain Lorraine Hunter, Ladies’ Secretary Lesley Stuart and the Seniors Representative Gordon Patterson are also on the General Committee



     SUB-COMMITTEES Convener Assistant 1 Assistant 2 Assistant 3 Assistant 4
Competitions Donald Fraser Vince Mathew      
Entertainment Lorraine Hunter Lesley Stuart    
Fixtures Douglas Purdie Lorraine Hunter Bill Robertson John Gordon Morag Cruickshank
Greens Doug Shand Graham Twatt John Gordon Douglas Purdie
Handicap John Gordon Morag Cruickshank      
House John Gordon Donald Fraser    
Juniors Gordon Patterson Bill Robertson Douglas Purdie  
Match Doug Shand Mike Singer      
Sponsorship & Marketing Colin Chalmers
Tournaments Alison Kenyon David Hepburn      

Current News

Sunday 27th August AM/AM Teams of four

Saturday 2nd September Gents Open

Check open tournaments in visitors page for more details

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